wondering if you remember hearing about a vietnamese summer, springfield mass


               a girl sat in front of cartoons
               to learn English.


               bonsai trees and                Jesus posters.
                                                             we watch her pull at her skirt,


taking off the pixie-dust                  sequins before
the washer could.


she asked, but mom says a cold


                            hose will have to do
                            instead of the pool.


i can’t remember if we found it funny or sad, but remember
how she watched
so much TV that she thought                birds
                                                                    really could have hands—


             their wings blooming into bony palms
             when she tossed


                                                       them pebbles.





About the Author

Woody Woodger is a New England poet whose first chapbook, “postcards from glasshouse drive”, is currently forthcoming from Finishing Line Press. His other works have previously appeared in Barely South, Soundings East, and (b)OINK, among others and he is currently forthcoming in Exposition Review, Descansos Anthology and Postcards Poems and Prose.