Seventh Grade Jock Strap


While moving, I found it
in the original box, Bike,
the company name. It had


died in a drawer
I never opened anymore. At 12,
having never worn one before,


I didn’t know how to put it on.
Word got around school
before the bell rang–


this horrible thing clung
too intimately, whenever
we had gym, the locker room


like a huge foot coming down
on an ant. Today when I saw it,
I sensed danger,


like twenty junior high schoolers
had surrounded the house,
each with gasoline and matches,


me locked in, the pacing cats
about to slip
under the bed.





About the Author

Kenneth Pobo has a new book out from Circling Rivers called Loplop in a Red City.  His chapbook called Dust And Chrysanthemums is forthcoming in September from Grey Matters Press.  He gardens, loves 60s pop music, and teaches creative writing and English at Widener University in Pennsylvania.