Managing Editor- Jubalee Penuliar

Jubalee Penuliar is a pigeon-lover living in Tampa, Florida, with her husband and four cats. She is a creative writing instructor at the University of South Florida. Though there are few pigeons on campus, she happily settles for the bumpy-billed Muscovy ducks and the occasional pair of Sandhill cranes.


11000614_10206852900387893_5298915085884721126_n-1Fiction Editor- Georgia Jackson

Geographically speaking, Georgia is a Florida girl qui ne parle pas Français bien despite having spent a year in Paris. She enjoys long-distance running wherever she is in the world, lives in Tampa with her two cats, and is highly amused by seemingly insignificant things like highway signs and sugar ants.


Nonfiction Editor- Sarah Basil

Sarah Basil grew up just west of Minneapolis, Minnesota, and is living in the Sunshine State while she pursues an MFA in Nonfiction. Her favorite writings illuminate the unexpected interconnectedness of things, like a song from grade school and the taste of salt. She enjoys walking all parts of the world, but her heart belongs to the Midwest, although she will never ever love its winters.


fullsizerenderPoetry Editor- Hosanna Meisburg

Hosanna Meisburg is a poet residing in Jacksonville, Florida, with her two cats, Pause and Dove. She currently serves as Executive Financial Analyst at Macquarie Group. In her free time, she strolls through her neighborhood to pet the stray cats there. People who know her best call her The Cat Magnet. 


img_0504Mascot- Pigeon (the cat!)

Pigeon is a grey and white mackerel tabby. She has quite refined taste in literature and can often be found nibbling on the pages of Plath or Wordsworth. She loves to go about the house saying “chirrup!” and her ears sound like flapping wings when she shakes. Follow us on Instagram for more of Pigeon’s glamour shots.